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Our Farm is undergoing a project to raise poultry which includes chickens, turkeys, and quails. These birds are being raised free-range and caged free. There are fed all natural ingredients with no chemicals added. They are consistently monitored by our staff to control dieseases and ensure healthy growth.


IIn addition,  fish raising is currently being undertaken at our farm. A man-made pond was made to accomodate local fish from nearby river. 




Our Tree Nursery houses over 350, 000 plants and trees of various types. We distribute trees to individuals and organizations while continuing to farm and grow more trees and plants to always keep stock on our farm.   AGRINOTECH is motivating locals, government leaders, Haitians and friends  all over the island and abroad to participate in our efforts to reforest the island in a project called "Nature's Way Reforest Project." Haiti has suffered from long years of massive deforestation which has lead to a multitude of environmental, ecological, and socio-economic problems. We have already begun replanting trees in certain areas of Haiti and looking forward to expand this initiative throughout Haiti.


We conduct many training and educational sessions for our 20+ employees and staff, primary students from ages 12-20, agronomist students, Haitian farmers, local and foreign visitors to the farm, and for the general public. We educate people on an array of topics ranging from soil conservation, tree transplantation, agricultural and breeding technques, environmental protection measures, and more. We welcome you to visit our Events page to see our upcoming sessions or schedule to visit our farm for a special tour and educational session by sending us a message on our Contact page.
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