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We are an agricultural, socio-economic and cultural association whose aim is to promote and develop Haitian agriculture and protect its environments.


AGRINOTECH seeks to empower, educate, and inspire Haitian farmers to be more effective in their agricultural and farming practices as well as to engage agricultural students in scientific research and practice on the ground.

AGRINOTECH’s main focus is agriculture with concentration in reforestation, soil conservation and environmental protection. Our farm located in St. Michel de l'Attalaye holds a tree nursery housing more than 350K plants and trees, a chicken farm, and a reservoir to breed sweet-water fishes. 

AGRINOTECH utilizes educational and training programs to impact  the lives of Haitians, particularly the many in financial difficulties trying to make a living through agriculture, farming, and  live-stock and fishing. In addition other initiatives include training Haitian farmers on crops such as soybeans, corn, millet, alfalfa, sugar cane, and bananas well as educating on breeding of broilers and layers and addressing agricultural infrastructure. Seeking to educate and empower people of all ages  is essential; engaging the youth is important in working to reduce and help eradicate juvenile delinquency by youth mentoring while still working to support for the aged. The futher developing and strengthing of the agricultural sector and environment is not only beneficial for the future of Haitians but also for Haiti's economy and food security.  



Agrinotech Founder Charles Brunel
Charles Brunel, Founder 

Charles Brunel is the founder of Agrinotech and has a deep passion for agriculture and profound love for his homeland of Haiti. Born in St. Michel de l’Attalaye, Charles was surrounded by nature and agriculture being that St. Michel, located in the central plateau Artibonite department, is mostly a countryside commune with miles of open and fertile land. After completing his secondary studies at Collège Bon Berger /PaulVI , Charles left Haiti for the United States to obtain his higher education at South Dakota State University where he earned a Bachelor in Science in Agriculture and Biological Science. He also has traveled abroad, spent some time in China, and can communicate in several languages including English, French, Creole, Spanish, Swahili and Chinese (Mandarin). He has worked and managed agricultural programs and researches for several organizations including BridgesFarms Co., Luminex International, Dave Grave lawn and Plant Care Company and USAID. In addition, his work has led him to conduct many operations in the US, Haiti, and abroad as well as to partner with many international associates and public and private organizations.


As an agronomist, Mr. Brunel has conducted many researches in the field of bioenergy/biofuels, crop yielding and performance testing, entomology, genomics, plant molecular physiology, soil characterization and study, and other agricultural areas. Moreover, his multitude of work and experience in a diverse array of areas consists of adjustment of plants, stress transformation of plant productivity, soil fertility techniques, crossing of cattle, just to name a few. One particularly interesting area of study which he is currently engaged in is the process of denaturation – a technique to introduce foreign seeds and plants to a new environment by isolating them and then conducting a series of drought stress test in order to adapt and grow. Testing has already been performed in Haiti on Winoka Wheat, Spring Wheat, Black Beard Wheat, White Wheat, Alfalfa, Soybeans, Switchgrass, Cordgrass, Oat, Red Flower, Apples, Oak Trees, Palm Trees, Busch Trees and Mexican Guava trees and HS (Haiti Solution) trees. This endeavor has been very successful and translates to a promising result for the future of agriculture in Haiti.


Obtaining all these global knowledge from East to West with an illustrious career as a manager, an agricultural director, a researcher, a student, a teacher, and a cultivator, Charles Brunel returned back to home to St. Michel to put his training and knowledge to good use and to share and help others – the student has become the master, if you will. He started AGRINOTECH and started a farm which aims to promote and develop agricultural initiatives and protect the environment in the country and guide Haitians to do the same.  

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