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Agrinotech is a synonym for Agricultural New Technology. We are an agricultural, socio-economic and cultural association of Haitian and American agronomists and individuals motivated  to support and improve Haiti's agricultural sector.  We are based in St. Michel De l'Attalaye where our farm and training center is located. We aim to ultimately deliver solutions to the entire rural area of Haiti.


To promote and strengthen Haiti's agriculture and improve its environments by developing its natural resources into becoming a major asset for the country’s economic development. Agrinotech seeks to empower, educate, and inspire Haitian farmers to be more effective in their agricultural and farming practices as well as to engage agricultural students in scientific research and practice on the ground.


AGRINOTECH performs many 

projects regarding reforestation, soil conservation and environmental protection. We have trained Haitian farmers on better yielding practices for crops such as soybeans, corn, millet, alfalfa, and sugar cane, bananas, etc. We are also engaged in poultry and fish farming, tree farming and nursery and have plans for so much more.



AGRINOTECH currently raises free-range chickens as well as local sweet-water fish.  Plans are underway to expand livestock and fishing and to introduce other poultry such as quail.


Our nursery carries over 350,000 plants and trees of varying type. Multitudes of fruits, vegetables, and trees are grown and distributed to local and distant farmers, and organizations across the island. Visitors are always welcome to see and learn about our nursery.


AGRINOTECH offers training to our staff and employees so they in turn will be the teachers and mentors  toinstruct Haitian farmers and individuals. In addition, we provide educationall courses and training  to primary student, agronomist students, and Haitian farmers.


See our upcoming sessions and events

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